Lydia Bundy – GRI, PSA, RENE, C2EX, SFR, AHWD

Residential REALTOR
License: #741664

Cell: 325-261-3142
Phone: 325-695-8000

Over the course of her career so far, Lydia worked with people from all over the world, with materials in at least sixteen languages, and in many varied conditions—from muddy unpredictable streets in Nicaragua to pristine Chinese concert halls to six-foot Russian snowbanks to high-tech office cubicles in California. However, Lydia has decided to return to her Texas roots and make Abilene her home—and help you find yours!


Lydia’s background in working with people from all walks of life in differing dynamic situations has given her the skills to listen to the details of what people need and the creativity, professionalism, and diligence to get the best deal made, whether it’s for a first home purchase or finding a great rental property ROI. Her musical conservatory training and deep passion for research stemming from her master’s degree in Russia allow her to bring the highest standards of excellence and to provide a knowledgeable, dependable information resource to help guide you through your transaction as a home buyer, seller, property investor, or businessperson.


Lydia takes her fiduciary duty to her clients very seriously, and as a full-time real estate agent and proud member of the Senter, REALTORS team, she is always available and eager to help! Reach out any time at or (325) 261-3142.


When she is not discussing properties, studying the market, and scouring the web for great real estate deals, Lydia enjoys making spreadsheets and jewelry, salsa dancing, discussing personal finance and business, and dreaming up culinary creations. Lydia attends Hillcrest Church of Christ and is a member of Abilene Young Professionals at the Abilene Chamber of Commerce.